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One of the first reasons why I finally decided to set up this blog was the demand from friends, clients and accomplices on teaching them one of the very few things that I know. While a very few may not have total access to the internet like the majority of them have, I want to believe this knowledge will cut across to any other person who needs it.

So what so we do here? Simple.

I share what you might not know but I know. And of course, a teacher continues to know as long as he teaches. He learns new tricks and tips on how best to go about teaching it to his students. So as “students” or whatever category you, my reader, find yourself, I believe it’s going to be worth your while.

Basically, I work as a content provider. And what that avails me is the knowledge of a wide range of graphic programs. These computer programs (e.g. Photoshop, Microsoft Office, CorelDraw etc.) are what you’ll likely get to see being treated here. I will also encourage those who will like that I talk about IT tips they will like to know. Such questions or requests can be emailed to me through


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