Just when you feel that BBM has done their last, they keep coming up with fresh and fresher innovations with the BBM which is unarguably one of the biggest mobile chat platforms around. This time, Blackberry Limited launches Custom BBM PIN. Yes. Customised and exclusively yours. Custom PINs however don’t come for free. You need to subscribe for a token of $1.99 USD per month. According to Jesse Ariss on the Blackberry blog, a Custom PIN subscription enables you to create a PIN that’s easy for you and your…Continue Reading “Custom BBM PIN: Another feather to Blackberry’s cap”

Sometimes I think about my life and how far God has brought me through and indeed it has been quite some journey. I remember the first time I set my eyes on a computer – early 1998 while at secondary school. My heart was set out on studying Pharmacy but that very day, something ticked in my insides and that event triggered the outcome of what I am today. That month, my school had just got new computers and setup the school’s Computer Room. My class…Continue Reading “Flashback on Me”

Some time ago, there was this opinion that Facebook Groups will be a thing of the past when it launched Facebook Pages. However, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Groups App which will allow its admins to keep up with their growing communities. The Facebook Groups App has good features which I love, just from reading about it. Unlike the Messenger App which fast-switches you to it when you access the Message feature, the Groups App promises to be a total standalone app when you use it on your…Continue Reading “Introducing Facebook Groups App”

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This interview is a total confirmation that social media does a lot of good. I was really moved reading the story of Elizabeth and I think you should have a go at it as well. “Little deeds of kindness, little words of love help to make earth happy, like the heaven above” – Julia Carney Read the Interview

Most of the time, when you think of what to write, it leaves you empty as though you never have anything upstairs. That can be a really tough challenge. However, that is not the reason for my long silence. I have been busy but very active, only not with blogging. As the year 2014 draws to a close, I will like you to go through my previous posts, some of which are quite revealing (I actually couldn’t believe I wrote some of those posts) I…Continue Reading “It’s Been A While”

Since the end of last year, there have been reports about Whatsapp being vulnerable. Amidst all these security issues, Facebook, at the beginning of this year bought Whatsapp at $19billion, which is reported to be the largest sum a start-up has ever been bought. Well, I don’t think Whatsapp is a start-up anymore. Now all these issues are actually surrounding Whatsapp for Android. For your information, Android is a largely used mobile OS (open-source) and so befitting is Whatsapp which has over 450 million users….Continue Reading “Whatsapp Has A “Hole”?”

Friends play a very vital role in the life of man. The kind of association we keep determines our future, it determines our decisions and it defines who we are. A popular saying proves this: “Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.” Our consciousness most times, doesn’t tell us what we do; it is empowered by the kind of thoughts, the conventions we have been taught, such that we have heard and seen with our eyes. Friends have been known to…Continue Reading “The Power of Association”

Why Top Talents leave their job?

Leadership is the reason many businesses succeed. It is also the basis for the failure of any business. For any organisation to succeed, it banks on the leadership and the followers. In a working environment, it has to do with the employers and their employees. There are a lot of discuss on this topic, however I choose to share with you one posted by Jorgen Sundberg. He leaves it with an image which highlights and give explanation as much as it can on why top…Continue Reading “Why Top Talents leave their job?”

The New Year always affords us new things, new opportunities, new perspectives. And yes, it has given me a whole lot of fresh perspective into how to look as each year as they come. I was talking with a friend at the start of this year and we realized that many people make resolutions they can’t fulfill. This is a trend that has been going for ages. I hope you are not one of such victims. Set realistic goals for yourself in this New Year…Continue Reading “New Year. New Things”

Whenever the year starts running out, I’m faced with a phobia. I don’t know if there is a name for the phobia yet. It is the fear of self-evaluation. One thing I understand is that people (not only myself) don’t like evaluation, forgetting always that assessments are the magnifying glass through which we see how much progress we have made. I read through a weekly newsletter I get from my Church, usually through my General Overseer’s Office. Pastor Abina, the General Overseer of GOFAMINT tries…Continue Reading “Brace Up”