control your android

There are a couple of ways you can control your Android device from your PC. However, in this post, I’ll be sharing with us one of my favourite apps doing this. It’s called Air Droid. Air Droid is a free app on PlayStore that enables you to communicate with your phone through your computer over a network replacing the USB cable connection mode. It functions as a web server, allowing your Android device and your computer to communicate over the network. But first it needs…Continue Reading “Teach-Me-IT Series: Control Your Android Device from Your PC”

android root

Now before you go ahead, read this: You need to understand that there are risks to rooting your android device. Rooting can be a cakewalk as there are tons of easy ways to root android devices now. I am about to show you some of the easiest ways. Having to root your device can allow you to do things that make your device better. It can also allow you to do things that make your device run worse, or even break everything and leave you with…Continue Reading “Teach-Me-IT Series: Root Your Android Device”

hashtag trend

Seeing posts with words carrying the pound sign or the number sign (#) is normal today and sometimes you want to create posts as such. Using hashtags is common place on the internet and so is its use, misuse and abuse. What is a Hashtag? Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash (#) to categorise topics of interest, conversations, trends and other various content on social media. Due to its common use, Oxford Dictionary added the word “hashtag” to its lexicon in 2010….Continue Reading “Teach-Me-IT Series: Using Hashtags”

Many computer users tend to prescribe that they need a memory upgrade whenever their system is ineffective. But most times it is always not a memory upgrade when they call on technicians (such as me) who deduce one other issue asides memory problems. How do you know when you need a memory upgrade? This is the quest that is set before us today. You can always arm yourselves with a little knowledge about the computer you use. That little knowledge can save up consulting fees…Continue Reading “Teach-Me-IT Series – Memory Upgrades – When and How?”

As it is one of my goals to ensure that I share with you knowledge using this medium, today, I want to tell you how you can create PDF files using Microsoft Office Word. What is PDF? PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format invented by Adobe Systems to retain the graphical essence of a file which contains text and/or images. Therefore, PDF files are electronic formats of a printed page produced in word processing or graphic design applications. They can be read online…Continue Reading “Teach-Me-IT Series – Creating PDF Files Using MS-Word”