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I don’t know if you have heard of Telegram. Okay if you are really really old, (no offense) don’t think about it; it’s not Telegraph. Telegram is an instant messaging service that cropped up just about three years ago. So it is not surprising that Telegram is not so popular. I have been meaning to write about this for a while and I actually don’t know why I haven’t been able to get across it. If you have never heard of Telegram until this post…Continue Reading “The Not-So-Popular Telegram”

About 2015, I posted about WhatsApp having a hole. After so many calls to up their game, WhatsApp decided to step up. This new feature ensures that chats or messages between two people or within a WhatsApp group cannot be accessed or intercepted by any third party. On launching WhatsApp on your device, you may get a message-like notification thus: “Messages you send to this chat and calls are not end-to-end encrypted. Tap here for more info”. If you can’t find this notification, tap the name of…Continue Reading “WhatsApp Steps Up With Encryption”

Just when you feel that BBM has done their last, they keep coming up with fresh and fresher innovations with the BBM which is unarguably one of the biggest mobile chat platforms around. This time, Blackberry Limited launches Custom BBM PIN. Yes. Customised and exclusively yours. Custom PINs however don’t come for free. You need to subscribe for a token of $1.99 USD per month. According to Jesse Ariss on the Blackberry blog, a Custom PIN subscription enables you to create a PIN that’s easy for you and your…Continue Reading “Custom BBM PIN: Another feather to Blackberry’s cap”

Some time ago, there was this opinion that Facebook Groups will be a thing of the past when it launched Facebook Pages. However, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Groups App which will allow its admins to keep up with their growing communities. The Facebook Groups App has good features which I love, just from reading about it. Unlike the Messenger App which fast-switches you to it when you access the Message feature, the Groups App promises to be a total standalone app when you use it on your…Continue Reading “Introducing Facebook Groups App”

Since the end of last year, there have been reports about Whatsapp being vulnerable. Amidst all these security issues, Facebook, at the beginning of this year bought Whatsapp at $19billion, which is reported to be the largest sum a start-up has ever been bought. Well, I don’t think Whatsapp is a start-up anymore. Now all these issues are actually surrounding Whatsapp for Android. For your information, Android is a largely used mobile OS (open-source) and so befitting is Whatsapp which has over 450 million users….Continue Reading “Whatsapp Has A “Hole”?”

Do you know that just about 16% of your friends get to see your status updates and posts? Yes, that’s a fact because not all of them are online as at the time you post. Today, Facebook launches a new way of adverts called Promoted Posts. Promoted posts are posts that you pay for so that your outreach increases. Promoted posts can also be used on your friend’s post without their permission. The advantage this gives is that some of your critical posts or that…Continue Reading “Be Paid to be Heard on Facebook”

Sometimes we need a tug, sometimes a push; other times some harsh words might just do the trick even though they might trigger a spark. But in doing some things we need to do, a little impulse is needed. I read up a challenge and it triggered me to write this post. And for this my new post, it’s kinda nostalgic ‘cos it reminds me of the good old days when social media was not the order of the day. How many of us still…Continue Reading “The Un-trending Email Way”

image courtesy @chapeaudefee As Facebook gears towards hitting one billion users, it wants to ensure that its’ users are all real people. Various reports are indicating that users may report friends within their network who may be using pseudonyms all in a few clicks. One user claims that her account had been suspended after one of her friends was asked if she was using her real name. Users get a prompt from Facebook just like the screenshot indicated above as the information being submitted is…Continue Reading “Facebook clamps down on fake profiles?”

Facebook appears to be preparing an option for advertisers to target users by email address, user ID or phone number, based on an option that was temporarily visible in the Power Editor tool. Sources familiar with Facebook’s ad plans previously told us that the company was working with some premium advertisers to target audiences by email address, though we had not heard about the UID and phone number options. These are powerful new opportunities for businesses to reach their existing customers and leads, who may…Continue Reading “Facebook may soon allow ad targeting by email, user ID and phone number”

It would seem absurd for some to regard this warning as some haven’t even checked their e-mails in centuries. Lol. However, an identity impersonating Facebook has been sending emails to people. This e-mail is purported to contain photos of the user’s friends wherein the user has been tagged or includes them. Victims of this unsuspecting email will just have to click on the link and… kaboom! (Sorry, it doesn’t blow up) According to Naked Security, The emails contain the subject line, “Your friend added a…Continue Reading “Beware of the fake email from “not-so-Facebook””