Self-Inflicted Pain

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Right Decision, Wrong Decision Road SignSo it happened that I caused an injury to myself and I happened to carry it around for days. My finger got swollen and I almost had insomnia because of it. You could ask how I did injure myself, right? Guess what? I chewed on my nails. Did someone just say, ewww? Okay before you criticise and crucify me, I am not into the habit. And yes, this one time is enough lesson not to try it again. For those who love biting nails, you can guess what I did to myself. I bit off that last part that is almost “unchewable” (hehe) and after a few days, it started to swell. It got swollen to the extent that it generated pus. The pain that came from that is understandable by few but unimaginable. So I resolved, never will I bite my fingernails again let alone chew off that unreachable part.

That was a cool and funny story in some ways but that is not why I wrote this.

Life deals with us in the language we can understand. We can read between the lines, translate the codes and figure out the ciphers that life uses to communicate with us. Sadly, most times we choose to ignore those communication methods and go our way.

There is a reason God created man as a self-willed being. There is a reason He gave us the choice of our conscience; to discern between right and wrong and especially to understand His coded messages. My self inflicted injury caused me many days of enduring pain because I failed to follow the right procedure, which my mind cautioned me against.

What is that thing your mind is telling you to do now? You know its right or wrong. My advice: choose right. Don’t give yourself a self-inflicted pain in the process.

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