The Successful vs. The Unsuccessful (Infographic)

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While I was researching for a seminar I was hoping to give about last year, I came across this very useful infographic. Success is something very vital to we humans. We crave for it desperately and in so doing, sometimes, we miss the point of wanting it that we go out of our way doing what we feel is good. Sometimes even when it’s obvious to us it’s a bad move to make, we convince ourselves that the end justifies the means. But really does it?

This infographic pitches together what the real successful person will do against what should not be done. While some people may feel they are having success at what they are doing, they are indeed, having little success compared to what they are supposed to achieve.

So what are these things? The images give better illustration but I’ll post it out for those who may not be able to access the images.

1. Successful people continue to learn new things while unsuccessful people think they know it all.

2. Successful people embrace change while unsuccessful people are afraid of change.

3. Successful people want others to success while unsuccessful people want others to fail.successful_pple_post_03
4. Successful people forgive others while unsuccessful people hold a grudge.successful_pple_post_04
5. Successful people talk about ideas while unsuccessful people talk about peoplesuccessful_pple_post_05
6. Successful people give compliments while unsuccessful people criticize without valid reason.successful_pple_post_06
7. Successful people take responsibilities for their failures while unsuccessful people blame others for their failures.successful_pple_post_07

I know you can also come up with a better list. But the question is, what class do you belong?

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