Custom BBM PIN: Another feather to Blackberry’s cap

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Just when you feel that BBM has done their last, they keep coming up with fresh and fresher innovations with the BBM which is unarguably one of the biggest mobile chat platforms around.

This time, Blackberry Limited launches Custom BBM PIN. Yes. Customised and exclusively yours.

custom-pin-screenshotCustom PINs however don’t come for free. You need to subscribe for a token of $1.99 USD per month. According to Jesse Ariss on the Blackberry blog, a Custom PIN subscription enables you to create a PIN that’s easy for you and your friends to remember or better still, say something special about you. Custom PINs are 6-8 characters long, and can include numbers and letters only. You cannot include special characters and like the regular BBM PIN, custom PINs are not case sensitive.

That’s not the only upgrade you can enjoy. You can also subscribe to having no Ads in your BBM feed. (Yeah that can be annoying at times). The No Ads subscription costs $0.99 on a monthly recurring charge.

A lot of comments have been generating from these added features of BBM. While many are seeing this new feature as unnecessary and too costly, some others see it as a welcome development.

What do you say? Would you likely subscribe for a custom BBM PIN?

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