Introducing Facebook Groups App

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fb-groups-01Some time ago, there was this opinion that Facebook Groups will be a thing of the past when it launched Facebook Pages. However, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Groups App which will allow its admins to keep up with their growing communities.

The Facebook Groups App has good features which I love, just from reading about it. Unlike the Messenger App which fast-switches you to it when you access the Message feature, the Groups App promises to be a total standalone app when you use it on your mobile. It also has a lovely notifications feature which I know Group Admins will find very useful.

fb_groupsscreen-01The App has a two-wide grid layout with small circles to display titles, cover photos plus notifications. Groups that you belong to are laid out based on the frequency of your visit. It also has a notification setting for muting select groups or all of your groups.

fb-groupsscreen4Another great new feature is called Groups Discovery where you can find new groups to join based on your friend list or on your interests.

If you are a group admin, I will strongly recommend you get the new Facebook Group App. It definitely will be a tool that will prove its worth.

Facebook Groups is available in all countries on Android and iOS.

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