Brace Up

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Whenever the year starts running out, I’m faced with a phobia. I don’t know if there is a name for the phobia yet. It is the fear of self-evaluation. One thing I understand is that people (not only myself) don’t like evaluation, forgetting always that assessments are the magnifying glass through which we see how much progress we have made.

I read through a weekly newsletter I get from my Church, usually through my General Overseer’s Office. Pastor Abina, the General Overseer of GOFAMINT tries to bring the mind to see through his message why we need to allow constructive evaluation. This will help you gear up for what comes in subsequent years, especially the immediate next year. Read more.

The only thing that can hold you down is yourself. Fear, either of the expected or of the unknown, is a luxury progressives cannot afford. Take time to invest in some deep and thoughtful evaluation. Take time to strategize. Take time to follow-up on your abandoned dreams. Take time to condition yourself for change. Take time to invest more in yourself. Take time to see where you need help. Your future and its success depend on these things.

Brace up for next year. This year is running fast on you.

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