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Do you know that just about 16% of your friends get to see your status updates and posts? Yes, that’s a fact because not all of them are online as at the time you post. Today, Facebook launches a new way of adverts called Promoted Posts.

Promoted posts are posts that you pay for so that your outreach increases. Promoted posts can also be used on your friend’s post without their permission. The advantage this gives is that some of your critical posts or that of your friend gets prioritised, giving them a boost to get to the top feed of your other friends.

Josh Constine of TechCrunch writes that this move has infuriated a lot of people who see it as a means to extort them of their money in order to get in touch with their friends, as Facebook gets to make money from this new development.

According to Josh, “There are real uses for Promoted Posts. If you’re raising money for a good cause, looking for an apartment, or have a big announcement for your company, paying to force it into more people’s news feeds can actually be really valuable, and worth the $7 or so. The price varies by geographic area and how many people it could reach. Now you can do the same for friends’ posts, or at least you’ll be able to soon.”

While Facebook claims that this does not affect privacy settings in any way, as posts meant for friends still remain for friends and that meant for the public is for the public even though promoted. But then, a lot of questions can be posed. What reaction will my friend get if I promote a post (probably a photo) that he doesn’t want promoted but I feel deserves it? Won’t this Promoted Posts issues be abused and bring about a downfall of friendships rather than upholding them? How many of one’s friends on Facebook can one trust with such vital decisions of knowing what to promote and not?

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