Leadership: Bill Gates

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billgatesWilliam Henry famously known as Bill Gates is with no doubt one of the world’s greatest leaders. Bill Gates is the author of Microsoft and a business magnate in America. Bill Gates is a philanthropist who donated his wealth for charitable deeds. Bill Gates is a great entrepreneur most specifically dealing with the revolution of personal computers.

Bill Gates realized that as a leader he had to be able to influence the behavior of other people around him in order to achieve a common goal. Bill Gates was aware that to be a great leader he had to create a channel through which people in his organization would contribute in achieving great and extraordinary results. Bill gates leadership skills have been of great impact to the world. Many leader today have embraced the leadership skills and tactics used by Bill Gates. His leadership skills have transformed the world’s leadership.
Some of the great leadership qualities Bill Gates posses’ include: passion is a quality that Bill Gates posses. He was very passionate of developing software and technology. He was passionate of achieving his dreams from his childhood years. He always wanted to write software’s which he achieved through his hard work.
Intelligence is a character all leaders must have according to Bill. He believes that for a leader to be successful he must be able apply his intelligence to run his business. A leader must be able to apply his intelligence to attain his organizational goals.
Bill believes that innovation is vital to business success. A leader must be able to develop new products and services in his business to expand his market. Bill Gates in cooperation with his assistants and stuff developed various products at one time or another in order to expand their market capacity.
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