The Un-trending Email Way

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Sometimes we need a tug, sometimes a push; other times some harsh words might just do the trick even though they might trigger a spark. But in doing some things we need to do, a little impulse is needed. I read up a challenge and it triggered me to write this post. And for this my new post, it’s kinda nostalgic ‘cos it reminds me of the good old days when social media was not the order of the day.

How many of us still remember the good old days of email? Very few I guess and some just get to open an email account so that they could open an account with a social media website. Even my Dad doesn’t use his email that often. Lol.

I remember a couple of months back; I was trying to reach out to someone and had to use Facebook messaging to contact him. It took two weeks before I got a response and when I did, the reply I got was:

How are you, Emmanuel? Thanks for the message and sorry I am replying late bcos I hardly get on fb these days. In the future, the best way to reach me is thru my email…

I had totally forgotten that I used to contact him by e-mail. This was one person who we had shared various conversations together via e-mail and not for once through the social media. And yet, because the trend of online communication for me between people had mostly been through Facebook and through various chat apps, I totally forgot the option of emailing him.

Emailing was the first widespread means of online communication and obviously that trend has changed since the advent of social media. Back in the days when internet connection to one’s PC was not affordable, I would go to the cafe at least once a week to check if I had any email in order respond to them. It was through emails that I could schedule chat times with friends that I couldn’t reach. One of such friends remembered our good old email days and wrote me this text:

Hi… when was the last time I sent you an email???? It’s been ages… lol I don’t even know how to end emails anymore… haha ok bye

Communication over time has changed no doubt and it will continue to change. The only thing we do with emails now is to send attachments, send emails to corporate organisations and probably get newsletters. But then emailing has had its fun times with mankind. Even now, I can’t even remember so many email addresses as I used to.

Social media has taken the floor now and has gone so viral. Who knows what other communication innovation would trend after it?

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