Windows 8 launches in two weeks

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It is no longer news that Microsoft is bringing up a new OS. But what the rave is now is that it will be launching it on October 26 into the market.

It is undisputed that the Windows OS is the largest used OS in the whole world. And capitalizing on that, Microsoft is said to be ready to launch the product with a great marketing campaign, costing them over $1.5 billion, thus becoming the largest product launch as far as Microsoft is concerned.

Not only that, Microsoft is hoping to make Windows 8 more cheaper than previous versions. The upgrade pricing from Windows XP, Vista or 7 is said to be around $40.

Therefore, gear up your systems. Are you ready to tune up your systems to Windows 8?

Tidbit: Windows 8 for mobile (Windows Phone 8) will be released some weeks after the launch of the OS for desktops.

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