Relationship Mathematics (Part 1)

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There are blessings that money cannot buy, one of such blessings is that of a good friend. In relationship mathematics, there are four categories of people – Additioners, Multipliers, Subtractors and Dividers.

You have probably met them already, you belong to one or more of these categories. Sometimes people move between one category to another, depending on the situation or people involved, such that someone that is in the negative category can move over to the positive one or vice versa.

Let us consider the first category of people – The Additioners.

Additioners are represented by the ‘+’ symbol. They are destiny helpers. They add to you and increase your worth and value. They are strong in areas where you are weak; they make up for your weakness. They are sometimes gifted and talented in areas where you are not. If you have been with them long enough, you see yourself developing strength in areas where you were once weak through the power of association and becoming gifted in areas where you
were not. People who have not discerned the purpose for an additioner in their lives tend to compete with them. Envy, jealousy becomes the order of the day and at the end, they may drive them away from their lives.

Additioners are people who can stretch your vision further, they can make the ordinary, everyday idea into something extraordinary. Some of them know how to recognise the value of an idea or venture etc. and refine it so that the value increases. When you leverage off their strength or wisdom you will be able to accomplish much.

Moses was a stammerer but Aaron was eloquent. David was a rustic shepherd lad, Jonathan knew about the life in the palace. Your additioner could be an intercessor; that prays for you or be far less elaborate. Nonetheless their role in the fulfilment of your destiny is very vital. King Uzziah had additioners in his life and use the leverage to accomplish much.

And he made in Jerusalem engines, invented by cunning men, to be on the towers and upon the bulwarks, to shoot arrows and great stones withal. And his name spread far abroad; for he was marvellously helped, till he was strong. – The Bible; 2 Chronicles 26:15

Nobody succeeds alone. Success sometimes is a combination of several processes involving relationships that interweave our lives. That is why many solo runs have ended on a sour note. Success is accelerated by using leverage. You cannot know everything, learn everything and be able to do all things but you can leverage off the wisdom and the abilities of people that God has already placed in your life to achieve success. This will make you achieve more with less effort. You cannot quantify in material terms the potential of the intellectual capital that God has surrounded your life with. Many can recognise money but only a few can recognise the true worth of an individual.

Who are the additioners in your life today? Who are you called to be an additioner to? You must be an additioner to someone. Look for someone you can add to because what you make happen for people, God will make happen for you.

continued in the next series
Source: Emmanuel Abina

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