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Before you skip to the next line, don’t believe you’re going to find some tidbit about the magic of living a good lifestyle ‘cos this doesn’t happen overnight. And I am also not telling you that this does not happen at all. The truth is, it does happen but like everything in life, you have to work for it.

One mistake that people make is that they try as much as possible to put in every energy they have into what they do hoping that it is the amount of effort they put into their endeavours that will generate the needed amount of success they desire. But, nope. Sorry to burst your bubble. Like I use to say, working hard is not hard work. You need to learn how to work smart!


Allow me to share my own experience.

When I started working, I started out with a belief that the more work I do, the more returns I will get. But I don’t need any fortune teller to tell me that I was walking the wrong path. It was crystal clear. What I got in return was majorly deteriorating health, an unkempt wardrobe, no personal time for myself and of course, a lean purse. One thing I am grateful for though is that I did not wallow in this situation for long before I discovered the truth and the way out of it.

Know this facts and learn from them:

  1. You can never do more than your capacity. Don’t push yourself beyond what your body can take.
  2. Be pro-active. Think of way-outs. When you are out of options, you are never out of ideas. If you are too loaded, think about outsourcing those tasks at hand. A man is never too smart beyond needing help.
  3. Take time to play. Your sanity remains with you when you stay active. Don’t think that time you have set for yourself for leisure is a waste of time. It may actually be the inspiration you need for the task at hand or the upcoming one. However, don’t over do your leisure time.
  4. Plan well. Every success is as a result of a good plan. Nothing good happens by mistake. Only miracles have been proven to be divine. Whatever a man does successfully is because of a good plan.


One key to working smart is by doing the job you love. If you are doing a job that brings you depression, you need to revisit that job. Best bet, review yourself. Ask yourself what you love doing. There must be something that you excel at which does not give you worry or a hard time thinking. It is in your sub-conscious. Bring it up.

Some people say “the end justifies the means”. In this regard, permit me to say, no. The end does not justify the means. The fact that you are getting a fat salary from that job doesn’t mean you have to die there. Tell me the use of doing a job that wears out your mind. A job that undermines your creativity. A job that kills the very treasure embedded in you. Wake up. That means will only end you.

Understand your key moments. Some people have discovered that they are active in the wee hours of the morning. Some are very active in the middle of the night. I have known myself as someone who can’t do much in the night. I might be able to tell you my name if you wake me up in the night but I won’t do nada if you ask me to work (lol). Discover those high times for yourself too and do the best you can do at such times.

I have to mention this again. Take time to play. This is very key because if you don’t keep your mind active, you can’t achieve much. For some, it may be playing computer games, for some it may be chatting up with friends and for some, it may be reading a book. Discover what makes you active and give a little of your time to doing that.

Conclusively, don’t joke with rest. Some people work all day and don’t take a nap at all. They say, “what’s the use of taking a nap when I will still sleep at night?”. To that, I laugh. Your body is not a machine. Don’t wait until your body wears out. Give it a little rest when it demands for it. I never understood the reason for having a nap until I started at it. A ten or twenty-minute nap rejuvenates you to get on top of the day again.

Don’t lose yourself in the rat race. In fact, don’t join the rat race.

See you at the top.

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