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I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately. One of the things that these writers keep hammering is the use of opportunities. But some clues are missing, I feel writing a piece of mine should add up.

Most of us see opportunity as a one-time chance. But the fact is that opportunity comes to us every time. The question you need to ask yourself is: “do you realise opportunities when they come?” I have seen a lot of people whine about the many things they wish they have. I have also witnessed a lot of young ones dream about things they would love to do about their lives. One thing is sure. Dreams and aspirations won’t take you anywhere unless you first act.

Action is good. But then action is very dangerous too at times. A saying goes “watch before you leap”. It is meant to put us on awareness to consider things before we do them. Not every opportunity is beneficial. Not every chance at goodness is worth taking the risk.


A close friend shared his experience with me a couple of weeks back. He was approached about the chances of going to live or study or work in Canada. It was a one-off chance, almost at no risk. But then some financial commitment needs to be made on his side anyways. Being faced with financial difficulties at the moment, he decided he wasn’t going to take the chance offered at him. Besides that, he was not even ready to get out of the country on a ‘wild goose chase’ to fortune or success or whatever it may seem at the moment. He was a man with a focus. An opportunity to travel out of the country might be the turn around he needed. But he was focused on the goal he needed to achieve. To him, travelling out of the country at this “critical moment of his life” was not the right decision to take. And yes, he was right.

To cut the long story short, he was pressured to take the chance as it might not present itself again. But he had no money to be committed to the pursuit, so he decided to pull off the pressure off him. And the only way was to give in to the pressure. But he acted with wisdom. He agreed to pay back whatever expenses whoever might want to help him when the whole thing goes through. But the whole thing turned out to be a scam! After about three weeks of filling forms, interviews, medical checkups and all the likes, the organiser of the programme went AWOL.

Don’t get distracted by my story. Let me draw some inference from it.

Risk is good. Opportunities present themselves as such. But like I stated earlier, not every opportunity is beneficial. But you may want to ask how to identify the right opportunities? Simple. Every opportunity that will be beneficial to you will first be true to God’s given will for you — what God has in mind for you (Jeremiah 29 vs. 11) Secondly, opportunities that will be beneficial to you won’t take away from you what you don’t have. You don’t need to go the extra mile before you get that risk right. What you have is enough for you to plunge into that risk. If it is asking for more than you, take my advice, don’t go for it. On another note, pray about every opportunity or risk you want to take.


The Bible is one companion that you cannot do without. If you are not a Christian and you are reading this article; don’t say I am biased. The fact is, being a christian gives me the opportunity to know about what God has treasured up in the Bible. It gives such wide knowledge that many other books in the world still can’t beat its record. If you really love books and you read them, you will have come across the Bible and agree with me.

The Bible tells of the Parable of the Talents.

A Master commits talents to three of his ‘chief’ servants before setting out to travel. To the first, he gave five. To the second, two and to the third, one. The first invested with his five to gain five more. The second servant invested with his two to gain two more. But the third who thought his Master was a selfish and scheming man, went ahead to bury his one talent into the ground. When the Master returned, he asked them to give reports of how they used their talents. The first two got a pat on the back and of course, they get to keep the talents they were given as well as the profits they made from investing with it. But the third told the Master what a hard man he was, trying to harvest where he hadn’t sown. He returned the talent the way he was given. But for a reward, he got rejection and suffering.

I want you to understand something here. Each of these servants thought they were equal in each others eyes. But the Master didn’t think that way. The Bible clearly stated in verse 15 of that portion, that he gave to each man “…according to his ability”. The same applies to everyone of us. We all think we have equal chances to opportunities but I’m sorry to burst your bubble; no we don’t. Every one is unique in a unique way. The chances we all have are different. You don’t need to go the way someone else has gone because he has achieved greatly in that aspect. No! You have to wait till your own opportunity comes. And when you find it, make the most of it.

The third servant thought he was cheated by getting just one talent. But the Master knew what he was doing. He gave to each one of them because he saw that they operated in different capacities.

You may find yourself doing something ordinary from what your peers are doing now. That doesn’t mean you are lesser to them. That doesn’t make them superior to you. You are in that position because that is what your capacity can take at the moment. Remember this: “to whom much is given, much is expected“. That is one philosophy that the Bible teaches us. (see Luke 12 vs. 48) Another great philosophy from the word of God – ” Do not despise the days of little beginnings…” (Zechariah 4 vs. 10) Your little beginning today is the start of something big in your life. Make the most of it.


What are you doing presently? What doors of opportunities are open for you? What career choice have you made? How are you working towards it? What things do you need to learn? Who do you need to learn it from? I need to chip this in.

A lot of people lose opportunities because of their ego. Probably the person through whom the opportunity comes from is someone you regard as a junior or an inferior to you. Listen. You need to swallow your pride. Pride won’t lead you nowhere. Pride is a number-one dream killer. Let go of your ego. Let go of whatever you think might want to hinder you on your way to success. Learn from the Masters, whoever or whatever form the master might come from. It may be your enemy. But so far he knows better than you, you need to let go of the ego that wants to ruin that opportunity for you.

Finally my dear reader, gather up every resource you need on your way to success. There is no joy in losing but when you fail, it is a way for you to learn from your mistakes and never make them again.

Start with it now. Time for dreams are over. See you at the top.


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