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Many times when we buy things, do we really think about what to buy before we buy them? What influences the kind of product we buy? Friends, adverts, recommendation or the real need for it instead.

One thing about people is the tendency to buy things they don’t need all in the name of “my friend owns one“, “I saw the advert on TV. It really must be cool” “Its what’s in vogue now. I must get one myself“. The question is: do you really need that product?

What should really affect the purpose of your buying a product?


Don’t go for a product that will remove all your savings. Think about tomorrow not the present. No matter how much you need a product, if you are going to run into debt by buying it, it will be on your head and no one else. If your friend uses it, it’s because he/she can afford it or better still, someone else carried that burden for him/her. Another thing is, don’t buy a product because you can afford it. Buy it because you need it. Think twice.


Differing products have different features. That is why manufacturers label them in different models. Models are not just for product identification alone. They are for you to identify what needs of yours that needs to be met if you buy that product. A product model (Model A) can have five features, while Model B can have just two from Model A. Your choice of a product have to be for the reason you need it. Buy Model A if you need all the five features but buying Model A because it has five features whereas you need just two of them is a waste of resources as well as a waste of your money.


Depend on reviews. Don’t rush to buy a new product without having to read about it. Every new product that is launchedReview List into the market will have first been tested by randomly selected people. Depend on those views before you make your choice. Find the limits of that product. You can find these reviews from different sites and forums all across the internet.


BrandI wouldn’t ask you to buy a product because it’s cheap and the manufacturer is unknown. No. Yeah I won’t. That’s because having a history matters. The brand you choose must be something to be reckoned with in the market. I am not saying such brand must be totally popular. This is not about popularity but about some high degree of confidence which must have been gotten due to previous products released in the market which people can vouch for.

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